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Justin has made it his mission to share his knowledge of positive thinking and the power of the subconscious mind…to help you create the life you desire, deserve, and love. Cate Shanahan, the author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules, pulls no punches when discussing how our conventional view of screening and treating cancer could be ill-advised. Referencing the work of Dr.

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Thomas Seyfried, Cate explains that cancer is actually a metabolic disease, rather than a genetic disease. This implies that instead of aggressive chemo and radiation treatment to attack cancer at the genetic level, the dietary modification could be the most effective strategy. This aligns with Warburg Effect principle, which suggests cancer cells feed preferentially on glucose, at a rate greater than regular cells.

The idea is that starving cancer cells of glucose with fasting and ketogenic eating patterns makes it possible to shrink tumors and heal. Cate tackles the big C question, our biggest fear: What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer tomorrow? Cate says she would get to business with fasting and ketogenic eating, and head off to Turkey, yes Turkey!

While it might be unsettling to rethink the template strategy of cancer-fighting, Cate's commentary can help you reflect further about how your thoughts, beliefs, and food choices affect your overall health. Enjoy this discussion with one of the great leaders of the ancestral health movement, and be sure to read Deep Nutrition to learn the hows and whys about choosing the most nutritious foods that your genes expect for optimum health. Jeffrey M. Elle Russ chats with Jeffrey M. Smith - the leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices.

For more than two decades, his research has exposed how biotech companies mislead policy makers and the public, and put the health of society and environment at risk. They expertly demonstrate why the safety assessments by the FDA and regulators worldwide are based on outdated science and false assumptions, and why genetically engineered foods must urgently become our top food safety priority.

Jeffrey is the founding executive director of The Institute for Responsible Technology IRT , a leading source of GMO health risk information for consumers, policy makers, and healthcare professionals.

The Ps of Peak Performance: Sarah Fenwick at TEDxPortsmouth

Smith resides in California, as well as Iowa, surrounded by genetically modified soybeans and corn. Host Brad Kearns welcomes William Shewfelt back to the show to get into assorted healthy lifestyle and peak performance subjects. William is big into the carnivore diet and helping people get shredded by combining carnivore eating with a focused fitness program and a methodical goal setting process. William promotes his peak performance "anchor point" of waking up at am and getting to work at the gym right away.

Brad thinks that's a bit early, but could this mindset represent a self-limiting belief? Brad shares how his loosening of dietary guidelines became a slippery slope of indulgence and diminishing discipline, and the recalibration of focus he has achieved with his morning chest freezer cold plunge and his latest experiment of fasting until 12 noon; doing these mainly to ingrain pro-active patterns, guidelines, and self-discipline.

This show will help you leverage your best intentions for diet, fitness, and lifestyle goals. William urges us to "take action, then ponder things later! Ben Pakulski. He is a former Mr.

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Ben is most well-known for his intelligent approach to building maximum muscle and has helped , men and women change their body and life with his methods. Ben began building his body at 15 years old and turned professional at his 6th show at 26 years of age. Olympia and placing 1st in the Vancouver Pro. The mission is to empower men and women with the knowledge and skillset to build their greatest body and live their greatest life. Ryanhad a phenomenal career as the top American marathoner, best known for his breakthrough performances like the This guy shot for the stars, pushed himself as hard as any runner has, and displayed a fearless competitive disposition at all times.

Seriously, pairing the with a pound deadlift is certainly a world record combo that will be hard for anyone to break. She recently set a PR and is trying for another Olympic team in ! This show is deeply informative and illuminating, but always in plain talk so you can grasp the concepts with needing heavy prior knowledge. If you are thinking about keto, this show will give you the essential tools to succeed without the nonsense of the keto flu that some people describe as inevitable.

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  • When you become competent at sprinting, you reduce perceived exertion and improve metabolic function at all lower levels of intensity. However, you gotta do this stuff right or you will fry your brain and body with ammonia toxicity and cellular destruction. The end of the show gets really sciency so you can learn why the ideal duration for sprinting is just seconds--breakthrough concepts from Dr.

    If you want to get faster very quickly, you best listen to this show and make some important revisions changes to your current training patterns. The pair discuss the surging popularity of carnivore, wondering about the carni argument that plants might be difficult to digest. As we get more and more sophisticated with dietary strategies, Brian wonders if we might be motivated by FOMO Fear Of Missing Out instead of a true opportunity to enhance health and well being.

    Foresman MD. In when Dr.

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    Foresman opened a private practice, he quickly became dissatisfied with the inability of established Western medical treatments to effectively treat many of his patients. Foresman began investigating alternative therapies and has since expanded his training in many systems of healing—not just through meditation and stress management, but also using botanical, orthomolecular and functional medicine systems.

    Foresman ranked among the top in the nation on his Internal Medicine Board Exams and has some of the most comprehensive Internal Medicine training to be found - including serving as a Clinical Professor who trained other physicians at a University Medical Center.

    Ready To Gain Mastery Over The Challenges Of Endurance Training?

    In-depth commentary on thyroid dysfunction by Dr. Gary Foresman - Website. Keto: Lindsay Taylor, Ph. Layla brings in her Korean and German heritage to the project, sharing familial meals passed down verbally for generations right into this cookbook. In fact, Lindsay explains that pulsatile insulin spikes are desirable.

    Insulin allows you to replenish cellular energy but not suffer from the inflammatory effects and compromised fat burning of chronically excessive insulin production. Consequently, Lindsay and Brad echo the advice from the all-knowing Dr. Cate Shanahan, who strongly recommends against snacking between meals. When you eat any sort of food yes, even a fat bomb! Satchin Panda , and from the snacking habit. However, Lindsay cautions against restrictive dietary patterns if you have adrenal, thyroid, or eating disorder history. There are a great assortment of recipes, from elaborate gourmet preparations to quick primers on how to make your own kimchi or sauerkraut or srihacha sauce.

    Loren Cordain, Ph. Loren Cordain received his Ph. Host Brad Kearns talks about transforming once and for all away from the high-stress, mileage obsessed approach to an evolved approach that makes recovery the central focus of your training instead of suffering and enduring. And by the way endurance athletes, its time to turn off the endurance gene off the race course and quit enduring crappy jobs and toxic relationship dynamics.

    Be good to yourself and honor the importance of balancing stress and rest. If you experience a slight disturbance in immune function, don't train at all!