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A quick rundown of the nefarious things he does in the movie: — He runs a chemical company of some sort that is rushing a Fountain of Youth style product to market as part of an energy drink, despite somewhat unsettling side effects.

Like, for example, it kills you. It barely evens comes up.

Bruce Lee - The Legend of Martial Arts and The Only One Who Beat Chuck Norris

I mean, lots of people do that bug-eyed thing when the dog talks, but then they turn around and accept it REALLY fast. The closest thing we get to an actual explanation is that Mr.

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Miyagi was a zen master and he just, like, taught him how to do it. This is a screenshot of Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight attempting to roundhouse kick a talking dog who knows karate. After about ten seconds of fighting, Jon Voight steps back and points out how fitting it is that Mr. At this point, Cho Cho the talking karate dog begins breakdancing. What are you, an idiot?

Bjorn Rasmussen

Seriously though, I think the most surprising part of this movie is that they somehow showed enough restraint to not have him do a horrible white person rap about karate at some point during the movie. Also, see if you can follow my logic here. Cho Cho was a regular dog who was taught how to speak and do karate. Okay, sure. But he also does things like breakdance, drive cars, and help woo human females.

The movie was released March 3, The movie recounts a few It is the second remake of the film of the same name, which was first remade as a television film in Both the and Cop Dog. The film tells the story of a trucker and ex-con who is manipulated into transporting illegal arms.

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Nicollette Sheridan and Pat In a dream-like sequence, a woman's eye is slit open, juxtaposed with a cloud On the other hand, it is hell. Spoilers follow. As it opens, young Bella is enjoying an idyllic puppyhood, or at least as idyllic as a puppyhood spent beneath the ruins of a collapsed building can be.

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She lives with her mother and siblings side by side with a nursing cat and her kittens. Dogs and cats living together, just like Peter Venkman feared!

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In other words, bring Kleenex. The good news: Bella gets to go free.