Dead Running

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Skip all workouts this week and just focus on getting quality easy runs in.

Run of the Dead

I would like you to also minimize outside stress and do all you can to stay off your legs as much as possible. Ideally, we come back with a renewed mindset and a better feeling in our legs. Hopefully a quick recovery and a few more solid weeks of training before you take that next leap down into the taper period for the final weeks. Try to stick it out for just a few more weeks and plan to bring it home strong. We learn more about ourselves and learn more about this in time or how training affects us in so many variables of ways and how we can build upon during our future training cycles.

The Charity

A lot of times I understand this and, so I need to take a little bit more recovery and maybe break down the pacing a little bit more. I have had a history of letting stress and anxiety get hold of me when it comes to training so refocusing my mindset and my idea towards training was incredibly important for my success and keeping my head on my shoulders in training, for example. With only a few more weeks ahead I wish you the very best. I recommend we keep it light and enjoy some down time to refocus your mind.

Run of the Dead Elimination Run

Put that focus on other activities something that you enjoy before throwing yourself back into the mix. Thanks again for submitting your question and I hope everyone enjoyed the topic of this podcast. Enjoyed this question and answer? Consider subscribing to our daily podcast where we answer your questions. By subscribing, you get to learn every day while you run or while at the gym. Plus, you can always skip over questions you already know the answer to.

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Your email address will not be published. In addition, the top male and female in each event will get something magnificent. You can't, but we'll have fun watching you try! All participants of the 8-loop event will receive Run of the Dead printed jogging pants and Run of the Dead printed Goodr sunglasses. All participants of the 4-loop event will receive Run of the Dead printed jogging pants. All participants of the 2-loop event will receive Run of the Dead printed Goodr sunglasses.

Cross that finish line before 4pm to get this year's finisher drinking vessel.